There's a new set video from Wonder Woman 1984 that could possibly be teasing the inclusion of the iconic Invisible Jet. Yes, that sounds a little crazy since you can't see it and all, but a quick glance at the video just may change your mind. The production of Wonder Woman 2 is in full swing and a ton of videos and pictures have found their way online. Gal Gadot and director Patty Jenkins shared some official pictures from the set last week, but new fan-shot video and pictures have been leaking nearly every day.

About 35 seconds in the video, you can clearly see Gal Gadot's Diana Prince in full costume riding something that you cannot see. The video from the set of Wonder Woman 1984 shows Gadot hanging from wires while cruising along the street, essentially flying and holding a position that looks like she's piloting something. The clip is short and mainly focuses on Gadot appearing to struggle with some of the wires that are attached to her harness while smoke fills the air.

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The iconic Invisible Jet was sorely missing from the first Wonder Woman movie, so many fans have been wondering if it will make an appearance in the sequel. The Invisible Jet first appeared in 1942's Sensation Comics #1, and has since become a frequent mode of transportation for Diana Prince. The jet could make a lot of sense showing up in Wonder Woman 1984 with the 1980s timeline, if only for a jokey cameo since the whole idea is pretty silly to begin with. Plus, if this is real, it looks pretty ridiculous.

As popular as the Invisible Jet has become over the years, it's also been the butt of many jokes. And even thinking about the idea of an Invisible Jet seems like it would be pretty comical to pull off in a live-action setting. However, that may be why it's used in the first place, for comedic relief and a throwback to the Wonder Woman comic books. Again, this has not even been confirmed at this point in time, but it certainly looks like Gal Gadot is piloting an invisible vehicle on the set of Wonder Woman 1984.

We'll have to wait until next year to see if the Invisible Jet makes an appearance in Wonder Woman 1984, but it certainly looks like Gal Gadot is flying in an invisible vehicle. And for those DC fans who are shrugging off the appearance of the Invisible Jet, Patty Jenkins stated in 2017 that she wanted to use the iconic vehicle in the future. She says, "The invisible jet is very important and ultimately we have to have the invisible jet. That's a very big part of Wonder Woman." Now go ahead and watch the leaked Wonder Woman 1984 set video below, and head over to the 35-second mark to see what looks like Diana Prince cruising in an invisible jet, thanks to the Hollywood Pipeline YouTube channel.