Many are banking on Wonder Woman 1984 to rejuvenate the box office when it opens August 14, 2020. With that though, the studio is currently on lock down. That hasn't stopped Warner Bros. from continuing to release new promotional material for the upcoming feature. Recently, a new image from the movie was released, along with an interview with its director Parry Jenkins, in which she explained how the new film connects with the original Wonder Woman movie.

"There was a little period of time where people got very upset, and questioning: 'Is it not a sequel? Is it a total reboot?' It is a sequel, insofar as nothing is contradicted between the two movies. But it's very important to me that it's not more of the first movie. It's a totally different movie. Now, when you see the trailer, you can feel it."
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"It's a different tone, look, feel, world, and context. That was what was important to me. This is its own standalone story that, of course, is also a continuation of our characters and their linear line. It's just its own movie with its own very different feel."

The released image shows Diana Prince and Steve Trevor using a payphone while standing in what appears to be a middle eastern country. Diana looks worried, while the crowd around them seems to be reacting to something alarming occurring off-camera.

Wonder Woman 1984 Chris Pine Gal Gadot photo

In keeping with a recurring theme from Wonder Woman's appearances in the DCEU, Diana seems to be making her appearance public in times of great strife. In the original Wonder Woman, she joined Man's World during the height of World War 2, while Batman V Superman and Justice League saw her suit up in her battle armor to take on Doomsday and Steppenwolf, respectively.

In Wonder Woman 1984, also, Diana seems to have become publicly active during the days of the cold war between Russia and the US. Although it is not yet clear whether that fact will feature largely in the movie's plot.

The addition of '1984' to the title is also an interesting choice, one which Jenkins has previously stated she picked for a specific reason. Fans were quick to point to a possible connection to George Orwell's classic novel 1984, about a dystopian society set in that year where the government runs a surveillance state that relies on propaganda to brainwash the masses.

This plot finds echoes in one of the villains of Wonder Woman 1984, Maxwell Lord, played by actor Pedro Pascal, a media mogul who uses misinformation to carry out his nefarious schemes. Then there is the matter of Steve Trevor, Diana's lover who died in the previous movie is now improbably back from the dead, and will have passed away by the time Diana reaches present times with Justice League.

However the story unfolds, fans have a great deal of faith in Patty Jenkins, who seems to be focusing more on telling a good standalone story rather than worrying about continuity or caving in to fan pressure. This new image comes to us from Games Radar.

Neeraj Chand