DC fans woke up with a surprise this morning when it was announced that Wonder Woman 2 is officially titled Wonder Woman 1984 and that Chris Pine is back as Steve Trevor. Now, we have some new behind-the-scenes footage that features Gal Gadot and Pine as he rocks a fanny pack. Production just started on the highly anticipated sequel and residents of Alexandria, Virginia have been spotting Gadot, Pine, and director Patty Jenkins around town for the past few weeks.

The new set video from Wonder Woman 1984 was shot by a Chris Pine super fan who was pretty pumped to be filming Gal Gadot, but completely lost it when Pine walks over to her along with Patty Jenkins. Pine is seen wearing all black in 80s attire with an awesome fanny pack. The actor notices that he's being filmed and waves at the photographer and poses for a few pictures while the super fan is practically crying. It's not clear what's going on in the shot, but they are still on location at the mall.

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Kristen Wiig has yet to be seen on the set of Wonder Woman 2, but a new report suggests that she and Diana Prince will start off their relationship as friends before Wiig's Cheetah character decides that she wants to take over for Diana. It has now been heavily speculated that the sequel will take elements from the Rebirth comic series, which coincidentally, also has a scene take place in a mall. This is all speculation at this point, but some of the theories are starting to line up with new set photos.

Earlier today, Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins took to social media to share pictures from the set of Wonder Woman 2. Jenkins provided the picture of Chris Pine's Steve Trevor, without the fanny pack and Gadot shared a picture of herself in front of a wall of TVs. The trio are obviously enjoying being in each other's company again after having such a great time making the first movie and then going through the promotional tour as well. Little did they know, but they were making the DCEU's most successful movie to date.

The pressure to live up to the first Wonder Woman movie is going to be pretty intense, but the new casting addition of Kristen Wiig and the mysterious return of Steve Trevor are a step in the right direction. Wonder Woman 1984 doesn't hit theaters until November 1st, 2019, so there's a pretty long wait before we get to see how Steve Trevor made his way to the year 1984. Hopefully we'll also get to see what kind of accessories he has hanging out in his awesome fanny pack. While we wait for Wonder Woman 2 to hit theaters, you can check out the brand-new behind-the-scenes footage from the sequel below, thanks to the Wonder Woman HQ Twitter account.