Cheetah's final form in Wonder Woman 1984 has been teased in some new merchandise for the sequel. DC fans were originally supposed to check out the movie back in December 2019, but Warner Bros. decided to give it the summer blockbuster spot of June 5th. Current events forced the studio to rethink their opening strategy and then pushed the sequel back to August 2020, but even that is ancient history as the movie will hopefully land in theaters by October 2nd.

All of these previous release dates mean that marketing has probably already been completed for the June and August release dates. Warner Bros. is currently battling to keep everything about Wonder Woman 1984 under wraps, but that is going to be harder to do as the fall approaches because of various merchandise leaks. For instance, our latest look at Kristen Wiig's final Cheetah form comes to us from a sticker pack tied into the sequel.

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The image is very similar to the Wonder Woman 1984 notebooks that leaked at the beginning of the year. We're not given the best look at Cheetah, but one can easily see what they have done for her facial features. She has the iconic orange-brown spotted form of the comic book version of Cheetah, along with feline eyes. As for the rest of her body, that may have been leaked from the Halloween costume sets that have been floating around. For now, we're just going to have to wait and see what happens with the sequel and the big Cheetah reveal.

Wonder Woman 1984 reunites Gal Gadot's Diana Prince with Chris Pine's Steve Trevor, which is also a mystery. Trevor died in the first installment, so fans are trying to figure out exactly how he is back from the dead and in terrible 1980s clothing. The prevalent fan theory revolves around Pedro Pascal's Maxwell Lord, though that has yet to be confirmed by anyone officially. Patty Jenkins and the studio have been doing a pretty good job of keeping most of the storyline under wraps, but much like the merchandise leaks, it might not be too much easier to contain moving forward.

Wonder Woman 1984 may have been better off with the release date of late last year. Nobody could predict what was going to happen that far back, but the movie would have at the very least made it into theaters a solid few months before everything was shut down. As it stands, the majority of big chain movie theaters are still closed with a goal to open next month to premiere Christopher Nolan's Tenet and Disney's live-action remake of Mulan, along with Bill & Ted Face the Music in August 14th, a date that Wonder Woman 1984 held until just recently. You can check out the new look at Cheetah above, thanks to the DCEU Leaks Twitter account.