Wonder Woman 2 is officially titled Wonder Woman 1984, according to social media posts by director Patty Jenkins and star Gal Gadot. In addition, Jenkins posted a picture of Chris Pine as Steve Trevor in full 1980s attire on the set, which has many fans scratching their heads. There's going to be an awful lot of explaining to do when Wonder Woman 2 hits theaters as to how Trevor is back in action. Production has been underway for a few weeks now, and residents in Alexandria, Virginia have spotted Pine and Gadot on the mall set, but this is the first news of Steve Trevor officially returning.

Patty Jenkins shared the picture of Chris Pine as Steve Trevor in the mall and Gal Gadot posted a picture of herself gazing at a wall of TV screens, which seems to give a nod to the Wonder Woman 1984 title. It's believed that the title of the sequel is based off of George Orwell's dystopian classic novel 1984, which touches on corrupt governments and surveillance. The picture of Gadot in front of the TV wall is more than likely a hint of things to come and not a hat tip to Van Halen's classic album 1984.

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Let's back up for a second. How is Steve Trevor still alive? Trevor sacrificed his own life in the first film, so DCEU fans are wondering about how he can be back and still looking young on the set of Wonder Woman 2. There have been fan theories about bringing Trevor back to life with the use of magic, a possible clone, and time travel as ways to deal with the character coming back. Time travel seems like the most logical way to bring back Chris Pine's Steve Trevor, but nothing has been confirmed at this time, so we'll just have to wait and see.

As for the mall setting in Wonder Woman 2, it's been reported that it might have to do with the introduction to Kristen Wiig's Cheetah. There's a portion of the Wonder Woman Rebirth comic series that takes place in a mall with both Diana Prince and Cheetah, which seems to make sense with the new picture of Chris Pine taken within the mall. However, Wiig has yet to be spotted on the Alexandria, Virginia set as of this writing.

Wonder Woman 1984 is the official title for the sequel and it comes with some pretty serious historical baggage that is just as true today as it was back when George Orwell wrote his book. Wonder Woman 2 may be going for a more political commentary this time around, which could be an interesting take on the film, considering current events. This is speculation at this point in time, but a title like 1984 sure does spark a lot of ideas about what will take place when Wonder Woman 2 hits theaters. You can check out the official title reveal as well as a picture of the return of Steve Trevor below, thanks to Gal Gadot's Twitter account.