Kristen Wiig as Cheetah in Wonder Woman 2? It sure sounds like it. The former Saturday Night Live and Ghostbusters star is reportedly in talks to take on the main villain role in Warner Bros. and DC Films' anticipated sequel.

Wonder Woman 2 is taking female empowerment to new extremes, with an adventure that features two woman leads. While neither Warner Bros. nor DC Films is confirming the potential casting, reports claim that Kristen Wiig is definitely in talks for the role of Cheetah.

Gal Gadot will be reprising her title role as Wonder Woman after being first introduced in Batman V Superman, and then taking on her own solo adventure in the self-titled smash that was the superhero phenomenon of this past summer. She then appeared a few months later in the much-less well received Justice League. Though the DCEU is in a constant state of flux, as it experiences one shake up after the next, Wonder Woman 2 is a sure thing.

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Original director Patty Jenkins is back behind the camera with a record breaking deal that makes her one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood history. She helped pen the sequel story, which takes place during the 80s Cold War. Not much else has been revealed about the plot. Though it has been called another high romance. It's questionable whether Chris Pine will return as Steve Trevor.

Kristen Wiig is mostly known for comedy, having been nominated for a screenplay writing Oscar on the hit Bridesmaids. She has also appeared in a number of more dramatic fare over the past couple of years. And she did play the main villain in Zoolander 2, so she has some experience in that field. This will be the first time she has appeared in a superhero movie.

It was only revealed earlier this week that Cheetah will be the main villain, which still hasn't been officially confirmed. There have been a number of different variations on Cheetah in the DC Comics. This will reportedly be the Barbara Ann Minerva take. She is a British anthropologist who gets transformed into a cheetah god after discovering the lost city of Urzkartagan, finding herself in the middle of an ancient ritual.

The Barbara Ann Minerva version of the character first appeared in 1987, as created by DC Comics writer Len Wein. After a short absence, Minerva reappeared in the New 52 comics launched in 2011. Cheetah is an interesting adversary for Dianna Prince. She is endowed with enhanced agility, ability to control animals, great intellect, can sense death, shape shift, is rather stealthy, heightened senses and super strength. It isn't known how much liberty they will take with her appearnce, though, as she appears to be a straight up cheetah woman in the comics, and that's not very realistic.

With Aquaman in the can and Shazam shooting now, it sounds like Wonder Woman will be the next DC movie that actually goes into production. It is a priority for the studio, with the last movie earning $821 worldwide. Only time will tell if getting someone like Kristen Wiig in to play a character like Cheetah is the right move. It's an interesting one none the less. This report first broke at Deadline.

B. Alan Orange