The wave of incoming 2018 movies has mostly washed ashore. With the release of Deadpool 2, Han Solo and Venom trailers this past week alone, we know how this year is pretty much going to shake out, with just a few surprises left to discover. So it's time to look towards the future. And that all begins with next year's most anticipated non-Disney release Wonder Woman 2. The movie is set to shoot this summer in the U.K. Now we have the rumored working title and the possible main villain.

Some sleuthers have been digging around, hunting for any and all production details on Wonder Woman 2, the sequel to last year's one true DC Comics hit. Wonder Woman was the phenomenon of the summer, and now we're getting more. But exactly what will that 'more' be?

We know we're probably getting a movie set in the 80s, which gives Diana Prince a new love interest while having her face off against the red threat of Russia. Here, we learn that the working title is Magic Hour. And by all accounts, this is in direct reference to the movie's main villain.

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Wonder Woman 2 is believed to start shooting this June. The crew is expected to return to the original scene of the crime, shooting at Warner Bros. Studios UK. The iconic location was used both for last year's adventure and Justice League, as well as the Harry Potter movies. But enough with the history lesson. Who is this villain the working title speaks of?

Magic Hour? What does that mean? Is Dianna heading to Hogwarts to face down Voldemort? Even though shooting takes place in his old stomping grounds, no, we don't think so. Working titles are usually inside jokes created by the director. Take Shazam for instance. Currently shooting, its DC working title is Franklin, which is a nod to Benjamin Franklin's lightning experiments and the fact that Shazam is called forth in a flash of thunderous lightning. Neat. It also teases the Philadelphia setting which has been confirmed.

It's believed that Magic Hour sets up the same type of insider reference. And that the title is directly referencing DC villain Circe. Omega Underground were the first to formulate this theory, but it has in no way been confirmed by Warner Bros. or anyone associated with the movie. But it makes sense. It was previously reported that Eva Green was wanted for the Circe role, though that role was later confirmed to be for Dr. Posion in the first movie, which went to Elena Anaya. Now there is some speculation that Warner Bros. may be turning their attentions back to Eva Green once again for Circe. Some believe that Circe was always wanted for the sequel and saved for a later date once the first movie got rolling in the preproduction phase. In the DC Comics, Circe is an ancient, immortal sorceress of incredible power.

How will she tie into the final days of the Cold War? Only Expendables screenwriter David Callaham knows that, as he's the one collaborating with returning director Patty Jenkins in bringing this next tale to life. Aside from Gal Gadot, no casting has been announced at this time, and none of the cool DC superhero cameos have been confirmed. All we know for certain is that Wonder Woman 2 will hit theaters on November 1, 2019. And it's going to be a box office blockbuster that decimates everything in its path. Or at least, that's the hope. But you can never be too sure when it comes to DC Films.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange