It's no secret Chris Pine is back for Wonder Woman 1984. Last year, when production started, director Patty Jenkins and star Gal Gadot beat leakers to the punch when they released their own set images and one of which was of Pine, presumably as Steve Trevor, in some truly 1980s attire in a mall. In a new interview, Jenkins discussed why she wanted to bring Pine back into the fold, but she chose her words very carefully.

Wonder Woman was a box office smash when it hit theaters in 2017. Patty Jenkins, Gal Gadot, and Chris Pine looked like they were all having a great time on the promotional campaign and that was very real. The three got along well during the making of the movie. With that being said, Jenkins likes familiarity when working on new projects, which is why she brought Pine on board for I Am the Night. She had this to say when asked about Pine coming back for Wonder Woman 1984.

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"I've had it happen with several actors where you really get up to speed and you know that person, so you see this incredible skill that they're of. So you can spin them this way, and that's fun. You can spin them that way. Chris and I definitely have that. I also think that he has a bunch of dimensions of him that I haven't quite seen him get to explore. Now, at this point, I'm feeling like I just want to keep working with so many of the same actors because it is so fun."

Patty Jenkins and Chris Pine reunited for her TNT limited series I Am the Night, which is based on the story of George Hodel. Hodel was a doctor in Los Angeles who was accused of multiple murders during the 1940s and is believed to be the Black Dahlia killer. Jenkins and Pine even had fun making the show, which doesn't have the most uplifting premise.

So we now know why Chris Pine is back, but we still don't know how Steve Trevor is back from the dead in Wonder Woman 1984. There have been numerous fan theories as to how the popular character makes an appearance, but the most logical theory so far has to do with Pedro Pascal's Maxwell Lord. It is believed Lord will have some powers that include bringing people back from the dead, which is why Diana Prince seeks him out. Afterwards, it is believed she will be in debt to Lord, but this has yet to be officially confirmed at this time.

Wonder Woman 1984 was originally set to hit theaters this November, but Warner Bros. pushed it back to June 2020 for a prime summer slot. However, Patty Jenkins is ready for the fans to see the movie now and wishes the original release date was still happening. She'll probably be changing her tune when the sequel comes out and dominates the summer box office, much like the first installment did. You can check out the rest of the interview with Jenkins over at The Hollywood Reporter.