Even though filmmaker Patty Jenkins has only made a single DCEU movie so far, 2017's Wonder Woman, she has already established herself as one of the franchise's most important creatives. So much so that a third Wonder Woman film under Jenkins is already being planned, even before the release of the second one, the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984. In an interview with CinemaBlend, Jenkins revealed she is having second thoughts about the story she had come up with for Wonder Woman 3.

"I actually came up with a story, and Geoff Johns and I beat out an entire story for Wonder Woman 3 that we were super fired up about. But I've never felt this way before as much as I do now. I don't think I'm doing it next, and so I sort of have to wait and see where we are in the world. It's interesting. What I wanted to talk about in this film was very prescient to what I was feeling, and what you were feeling, was coming. So now? I'm not sure. So much has changed in the world. I still love the story that we came up with. I'm sure that parts of it would come over to it. But I'm trying to say, 'Don't decide.' Don't fall in love with anything. See 'What would Wonder Woman do now?' What are you craving Wonder Woman to do in this world?"
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While Wonder Woman took place during the Second World War, and Wonder Woman 1984 takes place in, you guessed it, the 1980s, Patty Jenkins had previously confirmed that the third film in the series will finally bring the character of Princess Diana aka Wonder Woman into the modern age. Beyond that, the filmmaker has not dropped too many hints as to what the story might entail, even though Jenkins had explained last year that she wants to put all her efforts into making Wonder Woman 3 her last, best film in the DCEU.

"Wonder Woman 1984 gave me a chance to do a lot of things that I couldn't accommodate in the first movie. I was so happy to tell the Wonder Woman origin story. It was almost her birth, but we really haven't seen what she is capable of. It is exciting for me to show her at the peak of her strength. But it is also very important that she fights an internal struggle: she is a Goddess and tries to help humanity. She is not only someone who fights evil, she tries to show bad people how to improve. It's an interesting dilemma. The next one is probably my last Wonder Woman movie, so I have to put everything I want to show there. We have to think carefully."

Directed and co-written by Patty Jenkins, the movie stars Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig, Pedro Pascal, and Natasha Rothwell. Wonder Woman 1984 will have the first ever Digital Premiere next Tuesday. The film arrives in theaters and HBO Max on December 25, while debuting theatrically in international markets starting on December 16. The film will be available for a month on HBO Max in the U.S. included at no additional cost.