Wonder Woman has had quite the summer. Initial projections looked good, but nobody was expecting it to break records. The Patty Jenkins directed movie has since gone on to beat DCEU's Man of Steel, which stopped at $291 million domestically and has now broken the record as the biggest box office earnings for a female directed live-action movie while also earning over $300 million at the domestic box office as reported by BoxOfficeMojo. Wonder Woman is still holding up at the domestic box office, currently holding over $318 million as of this writing so beating Batman v Superman as well as Suicide Squad could very well happen before the movie ends its theatrical run. Maybe some moviegoers did actually end up buying the Wonder Woman Golden Ticket after all.

Wonder Woman stars Gal Gadot and was a hit straight from the start, raking in more than $100 million domestically in the first weekend alone, while breaking the record for the best female directed opening weekend. At the worldwide box office, the movie is currently sitting at over $652 million and still going strong especially considering that The Mummy, Transformers: The Last Knight, and other supposed box office juggernauts have opened. Many fans of Wonder Woman enjoyed it so much that they have gone to see it for a second and third time.

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One of the main ingredients to the success of Wonder Woman comes from the character development. Even Jon Berg and Geoff Johns from DCEU have admitted that the character development and streamlined story have helped Wonder Woman continue to be a huge success. Johns mentioned that Wonder Woman especially did an excellent job in getting into who Wonder Woman is, why she is the way she is. While some fans of the DCEU are more skeptical, claiming that the wonder Woman is just an ok movie, but a great movie when compared to the previous movies in the DCEU. Fans are hoping that DCEU heed their own words moving forward to make Justice League and future DCEU movies as great as Wonder Woman in the area of character development. Most fans think that the dark is good, optimism is good, but tapping into the true blood of these characters is going to be the key to moving forward.

Wonder Woman will surely end up being the most successful DCEU movie released so far after beating Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman. This is a huge accomplishment for the DCEU and should be celebrated while also dissecting what made it work in the first place. Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman were mauled by critics for a reason: they simply weren't any good and tried to accomplish way too much instead of boiling the characters down to there essence to set a foundation.

Geoff Johns has said that he and Patty Jenkins are hard at work writing the sequel for Wonder Woman. But nothing has been officially announced and since Jenkins wasn't signed to a package deal, she's set to earn a lot more money this time around if she's brought on board to direct again. It's almost a done deal that Jenkins will continue to tell the story of Wonder Woman and hopefully she continues to break records and inspire.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick