Safe to say, Warner Bros. has a very big, and very important hit on their hands. After three weeks in theaters, Wonder Woman has already cemented itself as the best movie in the DC Extended Universe, and it could even manage to outgross Man of Steel in the coming weeks. But as of today, Wonder Woman has officially crossed the $600 million mark at the international box office, making it a financial and critical success for the studio. And the movie still has a long way to go.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, that $600 million figure puts Wonder Woman inches from a very significant milestone. Once the movie passes $609.8 million worldwide, which it will easily do this weekend, probably before Friday is over with, that will make Wonder Woman the highest-grossing live-action movie ever directed by a female director. The previous record holder is Mama Mia!, which was directed by Phyllida Lloyd and came out back in 2008. So it looks like Patty Jenkins' first movie since Monster is a pretty big deal and should give her a whole lot of power in Hollywood moving forward.

As for how Wonder Woman stacks up against the rest of the DCEU financially, it is still the lowest-grossing of the four movies released so far, but that will almost certainly change by the end of its theatrical run. Man of Steel's $668 million total is easily in reach, and Suicide Squad, which managed a very impressive $745 million last year, could be attainable as well. But that may be pushing it at this point. Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice will, in all likelihood, remain at the top of the heap with $873 million. But nobody would have ever expected a solo Wonder Woman movie would even get close to what a movie featuring Batman and Superman on the big screen together for the first time ever was able to bring in. And hey, let's not forget that Gal Gadot was in that movie as well.

Wonder Woman is going to be financially successful no matter how you slice it at this point. Domestically, it is definitely going to beat Man of Steel, which topped out at $291 million. Wonder Woman already has $289. But more importantly, the DCEU movies have been divisive at best. Critics truly hated both Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad. With Wonder Woman, Warner Bros. managed to garner terrific reviews from both fans and critics alike. That was more than needed at this point. Not to mention how much good favor they earned by having a female direct the movie. Plus, this has proved that female directors can do these movies just as well, if not better, than male directors can. That is going to (hopefully) open a lot of doors for other directors.

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It hasn't been formally announced yet, but Patty Jenkins is currently working on the story for Wonder Woman 2 with DCEU head Geoff Johns. Both Jenkins and Gal Gadot should be looking at a pretty big payday for that movie, since Jenkins only had a one-picture-deal and Gadot was paid $300,000 for her part. A pretty reasonable chunk of that $600 million will be lining their pockets, and they deserve it.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott