Wonder Woman's Chris Pine targets Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War in a new interview. DC's Wonder Woman is released worldwide today and the cast and crew have been making the interview rounds to promote the movie that has been hailed to end DC's critical drought. On the opposite side, Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War is a little less than a year away and is the culmination of years of storytelling in the MCU, which will finally come to a head with an epic war between the Avengers, The Guardians of the Galaxy, and possibly even more characters up against the super villain Thanos.

Pine spoke to Screen Slam about his role as Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman and took some time out of the interview to take some shots at Infinity War. Read what Pine had to say about the Marvel movie below.

"Within this genre, it's difficult to do something new, and usually, you just see a bunch of people killing one another, in outfits and blowing up cities. Like, I know there's a thing called Infinity War, which is like, I don't, really, like, Infinity War? We need more war for all time?"

Pine does have a point about the comic book movie genre, but last time I checked Wonder Woman is in an outfit during a war. SO what exactly is Pine trying to convey here? Pine was initially hesitant to take the role, but later changed his mind after Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins told him what her vision entailed. Pine explains.

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"One of the reasons for sure. She, in particular, Patty [Jenkins] was a great reason why I wanted to be involved. I met her, I hadn't read - there was no script. Then she told me what she wanted to do: the story, my character, and Gal's character."

It's clear that Pine became interested in the movie once he realized that Wonder Woman was a different story, one that applied to the human experience. Pine goes on to say this.

"So, I thought at the heart of this is a woman who's about love and compassion, and love trumps all. How great is that, you know? That's a pretty, crazy, awesome thing."

It appears that Pine may think that Wonder Woman is superior to Infinity War because it's trying to elevate the human element of the comic book movie genre. But is that what comic book fans really want? Pine may have a point about most of the stories being similar, but who's to say that infinity War, which is still about a year away, won't speak to the human condition? No matter how you slice it, Pine is starting a war.

DC's Wonder Woman opens today and has been gaining critical success all along the way, even earning a 94% fresh rating from Rotten Tomatoes and well on its way to a number one box office debut over the second week of Dead Men Tell No Tales. There has been no official clap back from anyone in the MCU. Perhaps they're taking the moral high road, or maybe not. You can watch Pine's interview below.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick