James Cameron was pretty vocal about the success of Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman, especially with his criticisms of the movie. Jenkins immediately fired off a response to the Avatar director, but Gal Gadot remained silent, choosing not to get into it with the Cameron. However, in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Gadot reveals her reasoning behind not responding to the negativity and it's perfect. Wonder Woman ended the year as the third highest grossing movie of 2017 with plenty of critical accolades for Patty Jenkins, Gal Gadot, and DC, which has led to criticism from many different places. But James Cameron's questioning the success of the movie was oddly specific.

James Cameron didn't understand all of the supposed hype surrounding Wonder Woman because he felt that the movie was a step "backwards" for women while also saying that it "objectified an icon" because of Gal Gadot's looks. Instead, he felt that his Sarah Connor character in Terminator 2 was a better role model for women because she has a more realistic look than Wonder Woman. Gadot never responded because she respects James Cameron, but the main reason that she didn't respond was because she believed that he was just trying to get some publicity. She had this to say about not responding to James Cameron's criticisms.

"I didn't want to give him the stage. First of all, I'm a big fan of his work. His movies are great. He was very innovative in many things that he did, and I've got nothing but great things to say about the creative and professional side of his work. When it happened, the timing of when it happened, he was promoting another movie of his. It was like he was looking for publicity and I just didn't want to give him the stage."

As it turns out, Gal Gadot is more than likely correct in her assumption. James Cameron was promoting the re-release of Terminator 2: Judgement Day in 3D as well as getting close to announcing his next steps with the Terminator franchise. Had Gadot responded to his petty criticisms of Wonder Woman, she would have given the director exactly what he was looking for. To be fair, James Cameron doesn't really need to result to such lame tactics to promote his projects, but a re-release of Terminator 2 was probably a bit of a harder sell, which may have called for desperate measures.

Ga Gadot's silence spoke volumes by taking the voice away from James Cameron, a man who shouldn't have been leading the discussion in the first place. Elsewhere in the interview, Gadot spoke frankly about being a role model, noting that she doesn't wake up every day telling herself that she's a role model and a big deal. Instead, Gal Gadot would rather focus on her family. The actress exudes a humble modesty that is refreshing in Hollywood. She attributes Wonder Woman's success to the incredibly hard work that she and Patty Jenkins and the rest of the cast and crew put into the movie.

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Wonder Woman 2 is next up, but the movie won't be out until November of 2019. While Gal Gadot was quiet when asked about the upcoming sequel, Patty Jenkins shed some more light on the project recently. Jenkins is aiming to make a completely different movie this time around to avoid comparisons to the first movie while moving the story and character forward in a way that is comfortable and unexpected at the same time. You can read the entire lengthy interview with Gal Gadot courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

Kevin Burwick