With Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in theaters starting today, it's time to get excited about Warner Bros. and DC's next big superhero adventure Wonder Woman, which arrives in theaters summer 2017, following the August release of Suicide Squad. While we've already seen Gal Gadot in her Wonder Woman costume, Entertainment Weekly has a decidedly different look at the iconic DC superhero in a photo that finds her flanked by three Amazon Warriors.

Here is our first look at Diana's mother, Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen), and her two military aunts - General Antiope (Robin Wright) and Antiope's lieutenant, Menalippe (Lisa Loven Kongsli). These three warriors reside on Themyscira, a hidden island where the Greek myth of Amazon women has thrived for centuries. These ladies live in harmony, free to self-govern themselves away from the real world. This is Wonder Woman's birthplace. And these are the women who raised her.

Wonder Woman makes her first-ever big screen appearance in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. And following her own solo adventure next June, she will be seen in Justice League Part 1, which follows six months later. Patty Jenkins, the acclaimed director behind Monster, has taken the helm on Wonder Woman, which will finish out its production this April in Italy, where all of the Themyscira scenes are being shot.

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Wonder Woman will serve as an origin story for the young Princess Diana, who is destined to become the fiercest woman warrior of all time. The women you see in the photo below will help raise and train Diana. Hippolyta, a revolutionary leader, struggles to shelter her only daughter from the outside world. Antiope, who trains Wonder Woman to fight, is preparing her to deal with that world. Says Patty Jenkins.

"She is the only child they raised together. And their love for her manifests in a different way for each of them."

Themyscira has been created using exotic islands off the coasts of Italy and southern China. producer Charles Roven had this to say about creating the iconic location.

"Themyscira is influenced by the Greek but it's clearly more then that. It's a place that has the 'you've never been to' kind of feel. But once you're there you're not so sure you really want to leave so fast."

Director Patty Jenkins went onto talk about the look of her Amazon Warriors. She didn't want them to look like the male cast of Gladiator. They had to have their own distinct visual flare. One that was decidedly feminine, yet bad ass. Costume designer Lindy Hemming helped craft this look, which kept some of the comic book aesthetic in place including the iconic brackets and the high heels. Patty Jenkins goes onto explain, even defending the footwear.

"To me, they shouldn't be dressed in armor like men. It should be different. It should be authentic and real - and appealing to women. It's total wish-fulfillment. I, as a woman, want Wonder Woman to be hot as hell, fight badass, and look great at the same time - the same way men want Superman to have huge pecs and an impractically big body. That makes them feel like the hero they want to be. And my hero, in my head, has really long legs."

Of course, we all know how the high heels scenario worked out for Bryce Dallas Howard in last summer's Jurassic World. We still haven't heard the end of it. Take a look at Wonder Woman and her Amazon family, then sound off in the comments. Do you love that Diana gets to keep her high heels? Or does that fit in with today's hyper-sensitive thematic landscape for the modern superhero?

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