Over the weekend, the first set photo surfaced from Wonder Woman, featuring co-stars Chris Pine and Saïd Taghmaoui, who both appeared to be wearing period costumes, which seemingly confirmed rumors that part of this movie will be set in World War I. This rumor, which surfaced last month, claimed Wonder Woman will be set during three different eras, one of which is on Wonder Woman's homeland of Themyscira in an unidentified time period, with another portion of the story set in World War I and the majority of the movie set in present day. The photo clearly showed early 1900s costumes for both actors, so does this mean that we will only get to see Steve Trevor in this setting? According to a new rumor from Heroic Hollywood, that isn't the case. There will be potential SPOILERS below, so read on at your own risk.

Before the unconfirmed rumor surfaced about the three distinct settings for Wonder Woman, another report claimed that this beloved character would be hundreds of years old when she first shows up in next year's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. With that being said, it has never been specified how Steve Trevor will fit into the story, but if this new rumor is true, then we'll be seeing two different versions of Steve Trevor in both the World War I and present day portions of the story. This latest rumor claims that Chris Pine is actually playing Steve Trevor and his grandfather as well.

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During the World War I portion of the story, Steve Trevor's grandfather crash lands on Wonder Woman's homeland of Themyscira. The elder Trevor reportedly shows Diana the outside world for the first time, and helps her defeat the powerful Ares, rumored to be played by Sean Bean. In modern times, Diana meets his grandson, Steve Trevor, who looks exactly like his grandfather, and they team up to once again to defeat Ares. These details haven't been confirmed yet, but with production currently under way in London, hopefully we'll get more details soon.

As for Saïd Taghmaoui's character, the actor himself revealed in an interview with the French magazine Ultra that he is actually playing a superhero in Wonder Woman, although he wouldn't reveal his character's identity. There is speculation that he could be playing Blue Beetle, a character who has been rumored to get his own movie with Booster Gold. It's possible Saïd Taghmaoui may be playing Dan Garrett, the first Blue Beetle who got his powers from an Egyptian scarab during World War II. Here's what Saïd Taghmaoui had to say about his mystery character.

"I'll be playing a superhero, but details are still under wraps. I can't tell you much. I was among hundreds of potential candidates, and I slowly became the favorite. It wasn't easy. It took me three months."

Patty Jenkins (Monster) is directing Wonder Woman from a script by Jason Fuchs (Pan). It isn't known how long production is expected to last on Wonder Woman, but producer Charles Roven recently confirmed that shooting will take place in the U.K. and in Italy. What do you think about these new unconfirmed details about Steve Trevor?