/wonder-woman-movie-michelle-maclaren-director-exits/Yesterday, it was widely reported that Wonder Woman standalone director Michelle MacLaren had left the DC and Warner Bros. project over creative differences. A new report from Badass Digest claims to know a little bit more about these said differences. According to the site, Michelle MacLaren was in danger of alienating the DC Comics fan base and planned to give Princess Diana of Themyscira a tiger sidekick, along with some other questionable choices.

It isn't known the full extent of Michelle MacLaren's plans. And it wasn't specified if the tiger could talk back to Wonder Woman or if it was merely a pet who stood guard at her side. The DC Comics character is said to have a quite diverse and sometimes 'bonkers' history, as the superhero has been in publication for more than 73 years. And its mentioned that this idea of a sidekick tiger shouldn't be dismissed out of hand. But DC and Warner Bros. are attempting to create a grittier comic book landscape with their DC Cinematic Universe, and it could be argued, if true, that a tiger sidekick simply does not fit into this world.

Yet, this comes on the rumor that The Joker and Harley Quinn will have their pet hyenas in Suicide Squad. Of course, nether of these rumors have ever been confirmed by Warner Bros. or DC Comics. Warner Bros. is long-rumored to have a 'no jokes' policy in place when it comes to their upcoming DC slate, and a pet tiger may have just been too whimsical for what they have planned throughout the rest of the universe. Though a talking Raccoon turned out well for Marvel, these are two completely different worlds with strikingly different tones.

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It is mentioned in the initial report that DC, Warner Bros. and Michelle MacLaren could not agree on anything. And that they were having a hard time trying to figure out what time period to set the movie. Early reports claimed it would take place at various different times throughout recent history, including the 1920s, WWII and modern day. It isn't known if all of Michelle MacLaren's ideas will be scratched, as they were said to be of a 'particular vision' for the project. It isn't known how much material was developed between the director and the studios, or if Zack Snyder may take over development on the project, since they are going to be bumping up against a deadline. Zack Snyder is clearly the current driving force behind what this comic book world should be, and how these various characters need to take shape. He may heavily influence whoever comes in to direct next.

At this time, no replacement has been found for Michelle MacLaren. Though, Warner Bros. is intent on getting another female director. Will they be able to find someone in time? The movie has a 2017 release date, and may start shooting as early as this year. Gal Gadot is still attached to star as the title character in Wonder Woman. The character will first be seen in next year's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which will reportedly end with all of the Justice League members assembling on the big screen for the first time. Justice League Part 1 is slated for release on November 11, 2017, just five months after Wonder Woman hits theaters.

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