Wonder Woman may very well be remembered as the movie that saved the DC Extended Universe from certain destruction. However, that couldn't save her from getting the Honest Trailer treatment. The Screen Junkies gang has finally released the Wonder Woman Honest Trailer and it should please lovers of the movie and DCEU haters alike. This is something we can all rally around.

Screen Junkies released the Wonder Woman Honest Trailer just ahead of the movie's arrival on Blu-ray/DVD, which makes the timing just about perfect. The video points out that movies like Elektra and Catwoman scared big studios away from female-led comic book movies in the past, but that director Patty Jenkins managed to make this movie such a success by simply not making a bad movie, even if it isn't perfect. Wonder Woman abandoned the tropes that have failed the DCEU in the past and told an effective origin story, but it isn't without its problems, which this Honest Trailer is happy to playfully point out.

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"If we're being Honest there's no way this trailer pleases all the fans no matter how good or bad it is. I'm sure this superhero can relate. It's Wonder Woman!"

Often times, Honest Trailers is known for taking apart movies that are outright terrible, or movies that managed to disappoint in some way or another. Wonder Woman is the furthest thing from a disappointment, but because it was the biggest movie of the summer, their hands were tied by the Lasso of Truth and they had to take down Diana Prince. Though, it is a loving takedown. They do point out that Wonder Woman is never actually called Wonder Woman in the movie. They also definitely take a shot at James Cameron's controversial comments while acknowledging that Gal Gadot is insanely hot.

Even if the Screen Junkies gang managed to find a way to do a loving takedown of Wonder Woman, this movie is going to go down as a truly massive and memorable success. As of this writing, Wonder Woman has made a truly amazing $818 million worldwide. That makes it the second-highest grossing DCEU movie to date, trailing only Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. The fact that Wonder Woman even got close is staggering. Not to mention that the movie was a huge critical success and could even wind up getting some Oscar nominations later this year.

Oscars or not, Wonder Woman couldn't totally be saved from the likes of bad villains. Ares, for example, is a "lightning hands mustache man yelling video game level dialogue," in the movie's climax. They're not wrong. But bad villains and problems aside, they managed to point out everything great and important with this movie and mix it with everything that is wrong and imperfect in the way that only Honest Trailers can. Be sure to check out the Wonder Woman Honest Trailer for yourself below.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott