The script for Joss Whedon's canceled Wonder Woman movie has leaked online. Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly) was attached to write and direct Wonder Woman's big screen debut back in 2007, but that was obviously not to be, and probably for the better for Whedon who has went on to cast a mighty shadow over the MCU. It's taken over 10 years to get Wonder Woman back into the game since Joss Whedon was originally attached. On paper Whedon seemed like an obvious choice to bring a strong female super heroine to the big screen after the success of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Zoe Washburn from Firefly.

Long times fans of both wonder Woman and Whedon have often wondered over the years what Whedon's vision for Diana Prince would have been. The wait appears to be over as Indie Ground Films has leaked the entire version of what appears to be Whedon's 2006 script. One big notable difference is that Whedon would've had Wonder Woman take place in modern times as opposed to back in WWI like current director Patty Jenkins' vision. But in similarity with Jenkins, Whedon would have had Steve Trevor crash on Themiscyra, and have troubles with the Amazon, but instead he'd be sentenced to death for trespassing.

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Whedon also had a different approach for the character of Diana Prince. Apparently she would have been arrogant, spoiled, and quick to start a fight or judge, which is far cry (thankfully) from the Wonder Woman that we will see in a few weeks. Whedon casts Wonder Woman as feeling superior to the world as she appoints herself as mankind's savior. We'll all be glad to see the origin of Wonder Woman with grace and compassion as opposed to Whedon's rough take.

There would've also been some kind of bizarre obsession with Trevor's genitals by Diana's close friend Aethra. In a scene when Trevor is first captured by the Amazons, Aethra rushes to whisper something into Diana's ear and she looks shocked. Later when Trevor is being interrogated, Aethra says "Tell me you at least looked at it," referring to well, you know what she's talking about. Along with male genitals there would've been more than one bad pun joke about a club bouncer and Diana would have had a "sensual" dance scene to get attention from the god of wine, Bacchus.

It's safe to say that all parties involved dodged a bullet by not green lighting Whedon's script. Whedon left after two years because of an apparent lack of budget and creative differences. At a time when comic book movies were just starting to become great this would have been a giant step backwards for Wonder Woman and comic book movies. 2017 is the perfect time for Jenkins' Wonder Woman to make her big screen debut as the audience is hungry for more Diana after her appearance in Batman Vs. Superman. Early box office predictions already have Wonder Woman exceeding previous numbers and project the movie to top the charts worldwide. Joss Whedon is still getting to make a DC Comics movie, and will direct Batgirl for release sometime before 2020. We also have a new poster for the actual Wonder Woman movie coming out this summer that brings Steve Trevor into the mix.

Wonder Woman Steve Trevor poster