As expected, Wonder Woman is getting reshoots. But as is normally the case over the last couple of years, this shouldn't come as any indication that the movie is in trouble. These reshoots were probably planned before the movie wrapped earlier this summer. The news comes just a few days after Warner Bros. and DC Films debuted the new full length trailer for Wonder Woman, which was met well by fans.

While Batman V Superman may have not lived up to expectations, one thing most people agree on is that Gal Gadot made for one hell of a Wonder Woman. And she has received nothing but praise for her performance, in even some of the most scathing reviews of the movie. the actress has been playing the character non-stop with very short breaks, jumping from Batman V Superman directly into the solo Wonder Woman movie. Before that standalone adventure even wrapped, Justice League was already shooting. That ensemble wrapped just a few weeks ago. And now, it's back into the trenches for Gal Gadot, who is being asked to re-suit in just two weeks.

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FlickReel brings news of the reshoots, reminding everyone that the solo Wonder Woman movie hasn't been without controversy, no matter how well the trailers have been received. An open letter from a supposed former Warner Bros. employee said the movie was a straight up mess. These were comments that director Patty Jenkins has openly denied in the press. Says FlickReel.

"This week we have exclusively learnt that whilst the film wrapped in May, the cast and crew are heading back for reshoots in around two weeks' time."

This latest report claims that it isn't known whether these reshoots were written into the original proposed shooting schedule or if they were newly planned over the course of the past few weeks. It isn't known how significant they will be, or who will participate.

The Wonder Woman reshoots will happen in the UK at Leavesden, where a castle and other period buildings were built for the original production. The fact that they haven't been torn down is some indication that reshoots have been planned way in advance.

While these reshoots most likely aren't anything to worry about, DC Films is gaining a bad reputation as a studio with movies that are constantly in trouble. Suicide Squad made news for its reshoots, which were said to inject more humor into the movie. This past week has seen a legit author call The Batman movie script a mess, though Bret Easton Ellis later backtracked on his comments. In the same week, The Flash movie lost its second director in just six months. So, Wonder Woman reshoots sound like the least of Warner Bros. and DC Films' problems.

Wonder Woman is the first of two DC Films coming to theaters next year. It will arrive in June, followed by Justice League in November 2017. We'll surly hear in the next week or two if Wonder Woman is actually in trouble. As DC Films has a bad track record of keeping these kinds of problems out of the press.