Back in September, a report surfaced that Warner Bros.' Wonder Woman will be partially shot in Italy. Many had assumed this location would be used for scenes in Diana Prince's homeland of Themyscira. Earlier this month, producer Deborah Snyder confirmed that was true. Today, we have our first look at the action happening in Italy with new set photos courtesy of The Daily Mail, which feature Gal Gadot and Chris Pine's characters meeting for what looks to be the first time.

The photos were taken from a "secret beach location" in Italy, where a beachfront battle is seen taking place, with a number of soldiers aiming rifles at an unseen enemy. We also get another look at one of Wonder Woman's new costumes, which was previously teased last week in a photo of Themyscira's Amazon Warriors, featuring Gal Gadot as Diana Prince, Connie Nielsen as Diana's mother, Queen Hippolyta, and her two military aunts - General Antiope (Robin Wright) and Antiope's lieutenant, Menalippe (Lisa Loven Kongsli).

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Last April, a report teased that Wonder Woman will have six costume changes, including a "dive suit" and the iconic blue and red costume, which we saw in photos from last month. We haven't seen the "dive suit" quite yet, and it isn't known if we'll get to see the other costumes, since principal photography is expected to wrap soon. Themyscira is just one of three settings for the movie, which will also be set in World War I London and present day, which will tie into Justice League Part 1.

Wonder Woman will serve as an origin story for the young Princess Diana, who is destined to become the fiercest woman warrior of all time. The women you see in the photo below will help raise and train Diana. Hippolyta, a revolutionary leader, struggles to shelter her only daughter from the outside world. Antiope, who trains Wonder Woman to fight, is preparing her to deal with that world. The current box office champion Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice helped set up this origin story with a scene where Bruce Wayne discovers a photo of Diana, Chris Pine's Steve Trevor, and other characters from 100 years ago.

Patty Jenkins (Monster) is directing Wonder Woman from a script by Jason Fuchs (Pan), with Warner Bros. setting a release date of June 23, 2017. What do you think about these new Wonder Woman battle photos? Chime in with your thoughts below, and stay tuned for more as production winds down on this superhero adventure.