Back in October, just weeks after Warner Bros. and DC Comics unveiled their full superhero movie slate, a rumor surfaced that the studio's stand alone Wonder Woman movie may actually be a prequel to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, set in the 1920s. That report was never confirmed, but another report claimed that Wonder Woman may be hundreds of years old in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, rumors which have many fans wondering how the story may play out, between both movies. A new report has surfaced from Den of Geek, which claims that Wonder Woman will actually have multiple settings.

The site's source claims that each act of the story may have its own setting, with all three said to span just over 100 years. The first setting is Wonder Woman's home island of Themyscira, which has been her home since the character debuted in the DC Comics back in the 1940s. An exact year for the Themyscira setting was not given, but the second time period will be during World War I, specifically the year 1916, right in the middle of the war. The third setting will be in modern day, tying into Justice League Part 1, which hits theaters on November 11, 2017, five months after Wonder Woman hits theaters. Exact locations weren't given for the World War I and modern day settings, but we'll have to wait and see if these details are confirmed or not.

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The report also claims that Diana of Themyscira may actually have a different Wonder Woman costume, which falls in line with an April report that claims there are six different costumes being designed for the title character, including a "dive suit" and a "classic standard costume." We've already seen Wonder Woman's Batman v Superman costume, and it's possible that this will be her most modern look. No details were given for the other costumes that may be used in the previous settings.

Production is scheduled to begin next month on Wonder Woman, which will reportedly film on location in London and the Basilicata island in Italy, which is rumored to be used for Themyscira scenes. Chris Pine is playing the title character's love interest, Steve Trevor, but no other cast members have been confirmed yet. There was a rumor that surfaced last month, which revealed the studio is eyeing Sean Bean to play Ares, the God of War, while Eva Green is being courted to play Circe The Sorceress.

Patty Jenkins is directing from a screenplay by Jason Fuchs (Pan). Do you like the idea of Wonder Woman's story being told through three very distinct settings? Or would you prefer the whole movie to be set in just one of these time periods? Let us know what you think and stay tuned for more on Wonder Woman.