Actress Olga Kurylenko has starred in a variety of big blockbusters, as well as having worked with some of Hollywood's biggest stars, but one part that she missed out on was that of DC's iconic superhero Wonder Woman. Recently, Kurylenko has opened up about coming so agonizingly close to that golden tiara, and her own franchise, as well as confirming that she was indeed the runner up.

"Yes, it's true. Every big audition like that is nerve-wracking. The Quantum of Solace one was nerve-wracking. The one for Oblivion with Tom was a nerve-wracking one. Every audition that you really want is always nerve-wracking."

Interestingly, the element that made her so nervous was The Dark Knight himself, Ben Affleck, and the fact that the two had worked together before. You would think that having a close relationship with an A-lister such as Affleck would be beneficial, but that was not the case for Olga Kurylenko.

"Although, I already knew Ben Affleck because my audition was after I shot To The Wonder with him. So, at least, I kind of knew the actor. At the same time, it made it kind of bizarre because we already worked together on something so different and so bizarre. It was not a classical movie experience. I wasn't sure if it was a good thing after that. I like Ben as a guy, but I was worried because we had already worked together.

Maybe, he wouldn't want to work with someone again. Maybe, he'd want to have someone he's never worked with before. People don't usually play couples over and over in different films because actors change. You're not gonna play couples in ten films together. I thought, "I've already been in a movie with him. What are the chances of being with him in another movie?" (Laughs.) So, that was bizarre."

Whether her prior working relationship with Ben Affleck was a factor is a mystery, but despite not winning the coveted role, Kurylenko has no hard feelings.

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"The audition went like all of them. I had no idea, and anything could've happened. This time, it wasn't a yes, but it's fine because you can't get everything in your life. It's fine; I got Oblivion and Quantum of Solace. I can't get everything, and it's absolutely normal."

Painting a picture of just how close she really did come to the part of Wonder Woman, Kurylenko even had the opportunity to wear an early version of the costume, something which she describes as 'surreal'.

"I remember wearing a bathing suit and some leather boots. They're always surreal experiences. It's funny. I loved the film just so you know. I don't like every action film, but I liked Wonder Woman. I really enjoyed it."

Though we will likely never see Kurylenko take up the Wonder Woman mantle, we will once again see Gal Gadot take on the forces of evil when Wonder Woman 1984 comes to cinemas on June 5, 2020. This comes from The Hollywood Reporter.

Jon Fuge at Movieweb
Jon Fuge