Earlier this /wonder-woman-gets-dropped-by-nbc/month, NBC decided to nix David E. Kelley's Wonder Woman TV series after a bad test screening of the pilot. That pilot is now starting to make the rounds, and new images have immerged from this failed attempt at resurrecting the popular DC Comics superhero. You can check out these new images below, which feature star Adrianne Palicki in her full Wonder Woman costume, as well as insight from ifanboy.com's Conor Kilpatrick, who got his hands on the pilot and reviewed it at length.

Adrianne Palicki as <strong><em>Wonder Woman</em></strong> #1
Adrianne Palicki as <strong><em>Wonder Woman</em></strong> #2
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Adrianne Palicki as <strong><em>Wonder Woman</em></strong> #3
Adrianne Palicki as <strong><em>Wonder Woman</em></strong> #4
Adrianne Palicki as <strong><em>Wonder Woman</em></strong> #5

About the main plot of the pilot, ifanboy.com revealed this.

"We open and close with a big action sequence that showcases Wonder Woman's superheroics, and in-between we are introduced to her world populated up of her co-workers, allies, arch enemy, and ex-boyfriend."

This is what was said about Adrianne Palicki's performance as Wonder Woman.

"As Wonder Woman/Diana Themyscira/Diana Prince, Adrianne Palicki was a revelation. I was already a big fan of hers from Friday Night Lights but here she takes center stage and pulls off what is an extremely difficult role. She's tough, she's charming, she's sexy, she's vulnerable, and she's got a little bit of an angry edge to her when she's Wonder Woman that adds just a dash of exciting unpredictability. This could have been a star making turn for Adrianne Palicki who certainly deserves one. The Wonder Woman on this show is a badass who is not above choking dudes with her lasso (her favorite move) or throwing a piece of pipe through your throat if you won't stop shooting at her."

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