Two weeks ago, David E. Kelley shopped his proposed Wonder Woman television series to all the major networks, and was quickly met with silence. No one wanted to bring the DC Comics superhero back to life, and the project was shelved. Though this came as a disappointment to fans, Kelley remained optimistic and continued to pursue a network home for this long-gestating take on the crime fighting Amazonian.

NBC, the last network to pass on Wonder Woman, has now given the proposed hour-long action drama a pilot greenlight. This decision came after a regime change was officially in place at the network in the wake of Comcast's take over. NBC is now being overseen by Robert Greenblatt, the man responsible for revitalizing Showtime with series favorites Weeds and Dexter.

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One of the factors that kept a network from picking-up Wonder Woman was the pilot's cost, as the licensing fee to bring the character back to life on television was quite hefty. Kelley's take on the property will be more serious, and less campy than the 1978 series, but he has still found a way to incorporate Wonder Woman's signature truth lasso, her bullet-deflecting cuffs, and her invisible plane.

The Wonder Woman pilot is set to air in September of 2011. If the pilot doesn't go to series, it is likely that the pilot will be shown as a two-hour television movie. The network certainly won't let it sit on a shelf, due to its expensive price tag, and we may see a launch pattern similar to what we saw with the Knight Rider reboot.