Sorry, DC fans. Wonder Woman has been completely snubbed by The Academy. The 2018 Oscar Nominations were released today and, though there were plenty of pleasant surprises and many of the right movies and individuals were nominated in their respective categories, Wonder Woman didn't earn a single nomination. This, despite the fact that Warner Bros. had high hopes and campaigned rather hard to get the movie at least a few nominations.

Wonder Woman was one of the true surprises of 2017. The live-action DC movies as of late, especially the ones that preceded Diana Prince's first solo adventure on the big screen, left a lot to be desired. Especially in the eyes of critics. Wonder Woman changed all of that. The movie managed to be a huge critical success, currently boasting a 92 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with the site recently naming it the best-reviewed superhero movie of all time. This gave Warner Bros. the confidence to actively campaign to get the movie some Oscar nominations, but that effort, and whatever money they spent was all for nothing.

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Money isn't really an issue when it comes to Wonder Woman though. The movie made $821 million worldwide, making it one of the biggest hits of last year overall. Earning even a couple of Oscar nominations would have really iced the cake for this truly remarkable movie. Unfortunately, it was a very crowded race this year and The Academy couldn't make room for many comic book movies this year. Though, Logan did score a nomination in the Best Adapted Screenplay category, which is rather surprising. Still, we're waiting for a comic book movie that can overcome the odds and score a Best Picture nomination, and many thought that Wonder Woman was going to be able to do it.

Though, the real snub in the eyes of many will be the fact that director Patty Jenkins didn't get a Best Director nomination for her work. Women are rarely nominated in the category, but many felt Jenkins had a very good shot at one for Wonder Woman. So many fans are behind her that a petition was created when she was snubbed by the Golden Globes. Women directors weren't totally left out from the Oscar nominations this year though, like they were at the Golden Globes. Greta Gerwig did score a nomination for her work on Lady Bird.

Gal Gadot was also forgotten in the Best Actress category, but it was unlikely that she was ever going get nominated. Perhaps most surprising of all is that Wonder Woman didn't even get nominated in any of the technical categories. Sure, Warner Bros. had high hopes here, but it feels like the movie should have at least scored a Sound Mixing, Sound Editing or Visual Effects nomination. Heck, Batman v Superman was nominated in a few categories, and Suicide Squad even won an Oscar last year. There are other snubs this year as well, like Tom Hanks not being nominated for his work in The Post or Patrick Stewart not getting nominated for Logan. But Wonder Woman being left out in the cold is going to be a major sore spot for many. The 2018 Oscars take place on March 4.