Fans came out in droves for Wonder Woman last weekend, with a record breaking debut of $103.2 million, the highest opening weekend ever for a female-directed movie. A bunch of lucky fans in New York City got a special surprise, when stars Gal Gadot and Chris Pine made a surprise appearance, along with director Patty Jenkins and producer Charles Roven. Gal Gadot shared a brief video on social media from this surprise appearance, and we also have a new report that reveals Wonder Woman set another record as well, in terms of social media.

Gal Gadot shared this video on her Facebook page, which shows her, Chris Pine, Patty Jenkins and producer Charles Roven, getting ready to surprise this unsuspecting crowd. Gal Gadot keeps recording when they all walk into the theater, where they receive a thundering reception from the New York City crowd, with Gal Gadot exclaiming "This is so much fun!" before the video comes to an end. While this theater was lucky enough to get a surprise introduction from the stars, the movie itself was embraced by fans and critics all over the country, with the movie becoming the first DCEU movie to be given a "Fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes. We also learned today that it set another benchmark to be beat this year.

Variety reports that Wonder Woman is now the most-tweeted movie of 2017, setting the high water mark for other movies to try and beat for the remainder of this year. This new report reveals that the Wonder Woman movie was tweeted about 2.19 million times this year, which surpassed last year's Best Picture nominee La La Land and this year's current worldwide box office champion, Beauty and the Beast, which has taken in over $1.2 billion worldwide, but was still in third place in this social media category.

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Gal Gadot's iconic character Diana Prince has also been making waves on Twitter, with this report revealing that Diana is the most tweeted character of the year thus far. In fact, the top three are all DCEU characters, with Batman (Ben Affleck) coming in second and Chris Pine's Steve Trevor from Wonder Woman coming in third. Gal Gadot's most popular tweets from her own account were the release of two separate trailers and a poster, while other popular Wonder Woman tweets came from other accounts such as late night host Stephen Colbert, Marvel's Captain America himself, Chris Evans, director Joss Whedon, who will be taking over on Justice League, and the original Wonder Woman herself, Lynda Carter.

While we'll have to wait a few days to see how Wonder Woman fares in its second weekend, it is expected to have no trouble repeating atop the box office. Universal's The Mummy rebooot was expected to give it a run for its money, although that many not happen due to a spate of negative reviews. Also opening this weekend is the thriller It Comes at Night and the true story drama Megan Leavey, neither of which are expected to take down Diana of Themyscira. Tkae a look at Gal Gadot's Facebook video where she surprised a theater full of fans in the Big Apple.