/suicide-squad-movie-cast-eastwood-olubowale/Over the weekend, it was announced that Scott Eastwood and Ray Olubowale are the latest to join the cast of DC and Warner Bros.' comic book adventure Suicide Squad. At the time, the roles were unknown, but it was rumored that Olubowale would play King Shark. Latino Review is back on the scene this morning with a new scoop. They confirm that Olubowale will in fact perform motion capture for King Shark, and that Scott Eastwood has a cameo as Steve Trevor before moving into the 2017 standalone adventure Wonder Woman, where he will play Diana Prince's love interest and handler.

This latest report claims that Ray Olubowale is actually taking on dual roles, not only playing King Shark but also one of Amanda Waller's security guards. Suicide Squad is said to be heavily influenced by the New 52 version of the comic. Here is what Wiki has to say about this version of Steve Trevor, which is the basis for this particular character in the movie:

"In a conversation between Steve Trevor and Amanda Waller five years ago, Steve tries to convince Waller that Diana and the Amazons are not a threat to global security, as they are benevolent. Steve then becomes the U.S. government's liaison to Diana during her stay in Washington, D.C. and later becomes the head of the newly formed A.R.G.U.S., (Advanced Research Group for Uniting Super-Humans), as well as the UN's liaison to the newly formed Justice League. Promoted to the rank of Colonel, his assistant is Etta Candy and he has made his feelings and attraction to Wonder Woman clear to her, although his feelings weren't reciprocated."

Because Scott Eastwood will have a substantial role in Wonder Woman, his casting and character were supposed to be kept a secret. It is speculated that A.R.G.U.S. may also be featured in both Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad. But none of this has been confirmed by DC or Warner Bros. It is said that Scott Eastwood was originally wanted for Rick Flagg, but took this role instead. The actor previously worked with David Ayer on Fury.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange