Wonder Woman is the biggest movie of the summer and now she's taking the crown for Google's most searched costume idea for Halloween 2017, which makes sense since she was already a popular costume for years before there was ever a big screen adaptation of the female superhero. Grossing over $800 million dollars at the box office will have that kind of effect on the popularity of a character. To help those in need of the perfectly trending Halloween costume for 2017, Google has started their Freightgeist top trending costumes so far, this year.

Not surprisingly, Wonder Woman is numero uno on the list, a costume that has been a fan favorite for males and females already for a number of years. Justice League is almost out in theaters, but there's no sign of Batman, Aquaman, Flash, Cyborg, or even Superman in the top ten, but there is another character from DC in the top 5. In fact, the 2nd costume on the list is another female character from DC that should really come as a shock to literally nobody.

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Harley Quinn is number 2 on the list, which really isn't a surprise since the Harley Quinn costume has been gaining popularity for years now, but it got a boost in popularity with the release of Suicide Squad last year. And again, like the Wonder Woman costume, many men are totally into wearing it. The two top costumes are refreshing to see and a relief after seeing results for the "sexy" Eleven from Stranger Things costume gaining popularity as well. Batman and the Joker are currently at numbers 17 and 23, respectively, while the generic superhero is at number 14 as of this writing.

Rounding out the top ten are a clown, unicorn, rabbit, witch, mouse, pirate, zombie, and the ever-popular dinosaur. The clown is at number 3, with IT at number 16. It's probably safe to say that a lot of Pennywise the Clown costumes will be spotted at Halloween parties this year, probably hanging out with Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn while getting drinks served by unicorns and dinosaurs. Another surprise was seeing Spider-Man being the only Marvel character in the top 50, with no signs of Thor or Hulk. Also, Star Wars is at number 30 this year. How is that possible? Regardless, it appears that women are dominating this year's Halloween costumes.

Halloween 2017 seems to be getting back on track after a string of tasteless costumes sparked minor outrages, leaving many to believe that Halloween was doomed this year. It's Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn to the rescue, leading DC into being the undisputed champions of Halloween 2017. To check for yourself and see what the updated trends are for this Halloween, head over to Frightgeist to check out the list, which is constantly updating. It is important to note, that all of the numbers are subject to change since the list is constantly being updated by real-time Google searches.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick