Warner Bros. has unveiled a new TV spot for their highly-anticipated summer superhero adventure Wonder Woman, while director Patty Jenkins took to social media to unveil yet another TV spot. The first video gives us a glimpse at perhaps one of the first interactions Diana (Gal Gadot) has on Earth, after leaving her homeland of Themyscira. This scene features Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) trying to find a way to introduce Diana to Sir Patrick (David Thewlis), which ultimately results in Steve Trevor calling her "Diana Prince."

Warner Bros. debuted this first TV spot on their YouTube channel today, which features some new action-packed footage with Gal Gadot's Diana taking out a number of soldiers with ease. As Steve Trevor finally spits it out that he "works" with Diana, we get to see new footage of Diana using the Lasso of Truth, along with footage from an epic beachfront battle on Themyscira, along with a brief shot of Elena Anaya as the villainous Manu, a.k.a. Doctor Poison. The TV spot ends with the most intriguing shot in the whole video, where Diana tries to introduce herself as the Princess of Themyscira, before Steve Trevor cuts her off and states that her name is in fact Diana Prince.

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While Diana Prince has long been the pseudonym for Wonder Woman, it seems the movie is changing up the origin of the Diana Prince pseudonym. In the original comics, Diana Prince was an Army nurse who couldn't afford to go to South America to marry her fiancee, . Diana gave her a large sum of money so she could marry her fiance where her name would be changed to Diana White, in exchange for the Diana Prince name and the nurse's credentials. While it's still possible that Diana may help out an Army nurse trying to marry her fiancee, it doesn't seem that the name swap will be involved.

The second TV spot, which director Patty Jenkins debuted on Twitter, features more scenes of Wonder Woman in battle during World War I, along with another epic scene using the Lasso of Truth. This comes just a few days after new concept art teased the exact moment in WWI when Diana stopped being a princess of Themyscira, and became the hero known as Wonder Woman, where she is seen stepping out onto the battlefield by herself. Early box office projections have put Wonder Woman at $80 million for its opening weekend, but that figure could grow between now and the June 2 release.

These TV spots also offer brief glimpses at Erich Ludendorff (Danny Huston), a nefarious German general. Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) crashes his plane near her island of Themyscira, after he is being pursued by the German army. Steve has discovered that this German general is planning on releasing a chemical weapon that could kill millions, which is why Diana decides to get involved. Director Patty Jenkins equates this scene described above, where Diana finally gets involved, to Clark Kent ripping open his dress shirt to reveal his Superman suit. Take a look at the new TV spots for Wonder Woman below, as we get closer and closer to the June 2 release date.