Gal Gadot is showing her support for a young Florida boy who will be rocking a Wonder Woman backpack and crown on his first day of kindergarten. A woman named Kate Alicia recently posted an article online detailing her son Isaac and his decision to choose a Wonder Woman backpack, complete with crown, for school. Alicia is concerned about her son possibly being ridiculed for his decision, but Gadot was quick to showcase her support.

Kate Alicia took her son Isaac to the store and said that he could get any backpack that he wanted for school. The five-year-old boy excitedly chose a Wonder Woman backpack. Alicia didn't have any personal issue with the choice, as she fully supports her son's love of things that aren't stereotypically associated with boys, but did have some concerns. Here's how she explained it in her article.

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"I'll be honest, my first response to him was, 'Are you sure?' Without skipping a beat, he replied, 'Yes, I looked at all of them and I love superheroes the most and this Wonder Woman backpack is my favorite!' I asked if he was sure, not because the backpack bothered me, but because I imagined Isaac being made fun of at a new school when he has been so desperate to make new friends."

She also talks in her article about how Isaac played Batman and Wonder Woman with his younger brother for hours once he returned home. "The truth is, if I start to worry about what the world thinks, Isaac will start to worry too and I don't want that. Isaac is a world-changer and I can't wait to see what the future holds for the coolest kid I know," Alicia said. Gal Gadot, who plays the DC hero in the live-action movies and is currently in the middle of filming Wonder Woman 1984, got wind of the article and voiced her support for the young boy on Twitter. Here's what she had to say.

"Just read this article about breaking gender stereotypes by Katie Alicea. Such an important topic and something I believe in so strongly. I hope Isaac wore the crown and his WW backpack proudly to school. #WonderBoy"

This shows why Gal Gadot is such a wonderful ambassador for the DC universe. Not only does she do a fantastic job of bringing Diana Prince to life, but she is wonderful with fan engagement and does what she can to be a beacon of positivity. While Isaac's mom certainly has some understandable concerns when it comes to her son possibly being subject to some ridicule, it doesn't hurt matters any to know that the real Wonder Woman is on his side. We'll next see Gadot in the role when Wonder Woman 1984 hits theaters on November 1, 2019. You can check out Kate Alicia's full article over on Romper.

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