At last weekends Wondercon panel, MirrorMask Executive Producer Michael R Polis treated audiences to a special sneak preview of the new MirrorMask DVD.

He started out by showing us a bizarre/hilarious clip of director Dave McKean staring blankly at the camera next to one of the geriatric audience hecklers from The Muppet Show. After some comedic awkwardness, he went on to thank audiences for the support of the heavily ambitious low budget movie.

The panel was an eclectic blend of info on all things Jim Henson Company. To start, we were shown an alternate MirrorMask trailer which spoofed the concept of movie trailers themselves. "A WORLD BEYOND SOME PEOPLES IMAGINATION. BUT NOT YOURS, BECAUSE YOU ARE REALLY SMART."

The special features presented were interesting, especially after learning that the ENTIRE MOVIE, from concept (in which it was titled "Curse of the Goblin Kingdom") to DVD, was $4 million. $4 million! That's the cost of a Pepsi Commercial!

The DVD itself (which is on shelves now) appears to be educational, or at least entertaining for fans of the movie, as even time lapsed footage of set building is laced with subtitled information and witty commentary.