According to Executive Producer Michael R Polis, Tokyo Pop and Jim Henson Co are collaborating on extending two of their biggest properties: The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth. Both are of manga graphic novel style, with less liberties taken on the art design of The Dark Crystal as to retain it's original character design. Labyrinth takes place 14 years later, when a grown up Tobey returns back to the Goblin Kingdom. All the original characters will be in tact.

To honor its 20th anniversary, audiences can look forward to a re-release of the out-of-print Brian Froud book "Goblins of Labyrinth" and a possible new Special Edition DVD with recently discovered special features. With a good story already written, what about a sequel coming to the big screen? According to Michael Polis, "More to come."

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The Dark Crystal fans are in for a a few new surprises as well. In addition to the 160 page, 3 volume graphic novel (a prequel to the movie), is a Cartoon Network animated series and, as was announced last week, The Dark Crystal 2 directed by Genndy Tartakovsky. Though the budget of the new movie cannot be revealed, Polis did state "It'd be puppets in front of CG backdrops" with addition effects done by The Orphanage.

So what else does this resurgence in Jim Henson Co stuff have in store for us? Everything seems pretty top secret, but more news with Labyrinth may be heard in the next year, as well as projects involving Farscape.