MovieWeb's Stephen Reedy obtained the goods from behind-the-scenes as well as the convention floor at this year's Wondercon in San Francisco. Here's what we learned from the Warner Brothers presentation over the weekend.

10,000 B.C.

We were shown a WonderCon exclusive trailer. Basically the theatrical trailer with some focus on the story. Think Apocalypto (a humble tribe of mammoth hunters are invaded and kidnapped by a superior race of religious warriors). On the neighborly quest to save the stolen people, giant Emu's attack and our cave man'esque hero pulls a line from Eragon and yells something to the effect of "We fight as one!" Action occurs, notably a pyramid being destroyed and a mammoth falling on a puny human.

Independence Day/The Day After Tomorrow director Roland Emmerich came out with his lead actors. Despite a thick accent, he was fairly articulate about the filmmaking process, stating a love for Egyptology (hence Stargate). 10,000 B.C., in fact, plays on a theory that a pre-Egyptian, vastly superior civilization of humans built the pyramids. Along those lines, he refused to reveal any info on another pyramid savvy society and how their 2012 prediction of the apocalypse ties into his recently announced new film 2012.

Untitled Clone Wars TV Series

Lucas rep Steve Sansweet took the stage to give some hints on this fall's Star Wars theatrical experience known as The Clone Wars.

The film will show in wide release and serve as a cinematic "pilot episode" that will be continued as a series on TNT. Fully animated, it takes place between Episode 2 and 3, following the same heroes and villains of the prequels as well as Anakin's padawon apprentice "Asuka." She's red and sassy, spitting cheesy lines like "I'm a jedi!!!!"

We were shown a montage of clips, which looks like a sometimes stiff, sometimes fluid mixture of "Reboot meets Toy Story." The characters are stylized like the Cartoon Network minisodes of The Clone Wars and there was much fertility for awesome action, but it's hard to tell if it can top what Genndy Tartakovsky did with the same material a few years ago. A bigger canvas does seem appropriate for these events and seeing a pubescent, confused Darth Vader teaching a quip filled teenage alien might have some potential for interesting entertainment.

Get Smart

Peter Segal, Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway took the stage and gave us a new trailer on the TV show remake. It was essentially the previous trailer with more jokes and bigger explosions. People laughed.

Nothing amazingly interesting was presented, as it was mostly Q & A participants hitting on Steve Carell, but Segal dropped a nugget of news:

John August (Charlie's Angels, Big Fish) is writing SHAZAM! for Segal and Dwayne The Rock Johnson is in talks to be involved.