The new Woody Allen memoir, Apropos of Nothing, has quietly been released. Arcade Publishing decided the writer/director's story deserved to be told. The 400-page book comes out in a time when the focus is on a global pandemic, so his book is largely under the radar. It is not clear if Allen will be taking part in any interviews to promote the book, but it seems highly unlikely, especially at this time. You can read the memoir synopsis below.

"The book is a candid and comprehensive personal account by Woody Allen of his life. Ranging from his childhood in Brooklyn through his acclaimed career in film, theater, television, print and stand-up comedy, as well as exploring his relationships with family and friends."

Hachette was originally going to publish Woody Allen's memoir, but later decided against it. Hachette is the main umbrella of another publisher who put out Ronan Farrow's Catch and Kill book. Once Farrow found out, he immediately dropped the publisher and bashed them online for working with Allen. Dylan Farrow, who has alleged for decades that the writer/director sexually assaulted her as a child, publicly tore into Hachette for not contacting her for a fact checking session.

In the end, Hachette's employees staged a walk-out during business hours in support of Dylan Farrow, which got the company's attention. Less than a week later, Apropos of Nothing was cancelled and Woody Allen was left without a publisher. Some disagreed with the publisher's decision, like author Stephen King who is worried about freedom of speech stating, "It's who gets muzzled next that worries me."

Arcade Publishing has a history of putting out some provocative material from JFK conspiracy theorist Jim Garrison and Alan Dershowitz, the controversial O.J. Simpson attorney, political commentator, and frequent defender of Donald Trump. They're not afraid of a little controversy and they believe that Woody Allen's story deserves to be told, which may anger some people. Arcade Publishing had this to say in a statement.

"In this strange time, when truth is too often dismissed as 'fake news,' we as publishers prefer to give voice to a respected artist, rather than bow to those determined to silence him."

As for how well Woody Allen's memoir will sell, that is unclear. From reviews, it seems that he is extremely candid in the book, addressing his love of Mia Farrow and then his affair with her adoptive daughter Soon-Yi Previn, who is 30 years younger than him. Allen goes into the Dylan Farrow allegations in the book and once again denies them, while claiming that Mia Farrow has an "Ahab-like quest" for revenge. "I never laid a finger on Dylan, never did anything to her that could be even misconstrued as abusing her; it was a total fabrication from start to finish," claims Allen. The Hollywood Reporter was the first to reveal that Arcade Publishing is putting out Woody Allen's memoir.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick