There is a very tangible, solid tone and feel that is vastly different between the Marvel and DC movie universes. And each realm is attracting a different kind of actor. Soon, every working thespian on the planet will be distinguished by whether or not they are a Marvel or DC type performer. And in the case of someone like Michael Keaton, there will be the rare instance where one actor is able to live and breath in both of these cinematic worlds. But not good old Woody Harrelson. He has drawn his line in the sand, declaring himself a Marvel man.

The MCU has been an interesting home to actors of all shapes, sizes and spandex preference. While it helped relaunch Robert Downey Jr. as a bankable leading man after some very troubling times in his personal life, Marvel Studios has also been able to save a pretty penny by employing up and coming actors on the verge of making it in Hollywood. And as time has moved, Marvel has also become a place where older, more distinguished actors such as Michael Douglas, Robert Redford and Cate Blanchett can hang their hat. Woody Harrelson falls into this later category. And he defiantly wants a piece of the action.

Woody Harrelson hasn't exactly declared who he wants to play in the Marvel on-screen universe, or even what type of role he'd like to take on. Would he play an aging superhero? Or a member of the military trying to keep these god-like humans in check? Here's what he had to say to Collider when asked the question of whether he was interested in joining a comic book adventure.

"Big interest. In fact, I would love to be a part of that Marvel universe."

Come on, who doesn't want to be in a Marvel or DC movie at this point? It's almost become a right of passage. From recent Oscar-winner Brie Larson entering talks to play Captain Marvel to Sharon Stone teasing her turn as a heat-powered superhero in an upcoming Phase 3 movie, everyone is vying for that prime Marvel real estate. And these movies help return some of Hollywood's more legendary actors to the forefront of the stage.

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Other recent additions to the Marvel family include Kurt Russell and Sylvester Stallone in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, though their characters haven't been introduced at this time. It will be nice to see the Tango & Cash team reunited on the big screen. And Jeff Goldblum has just plucked a prime role as one of the secondary villains, known as the Grandmaster, in Thor: Ragnarok. Marvel casting knows no bounds, except for those individuals kicking it over at DC Films.

Now comes the question, who exactly would Woody Harrelson play? Is there an aging superhero role ready and waiting for him in one of the upcoming Phase 3 adventures that has not yet been cast? Will he play a civilian in Captain Marvel? An expat in Black Panther? Perhaps he'll take on the rumored role of The Tinkerer in Spider-Man: Homecoming and turn villain? It's tough to say, but with plenty of new heroes being introduced in the massive two part Avengers: Infinity War the sky is the limit.

In his interview, Harrelson goes onto reveal that he recently watched Deadpool on a plane, and loved it. That's the type of Marvel movie he'd like to be attached to. Even though it's not coming directly from Marvel Studios, perhaps he could be one of the men already campaigning for the role of Cable in Deadpool 2. The actor is already well-known to younger genre fans, having played Haymitch Abernathy in the Hunger Games quadrilogy. It sounds like one of Harrelson's next movies may be Zombieland 2. As he points out, Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick were responsible for the screenplay on the first one. Perhaps we are about to see a reunion on the Fox Marvel side of things? Only time will tell. Woody can be seen this weekend in the sequel Now You See Me 2: The Second Act.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange