As there have been no true production updates in quite some time, and shooting would have had to have already started, it should come as no surprise that World War Z 2 has been yanked from Paramount's impending release schedule. While a delay in the release date was expected, it now sounds like this movie might be dead altogether.

News of World War Z 2's inevitable delay comes just as Paramount Pictures canceled their Friday the 13th remake, which would have been the landmark 13th movie in that horror film franchise. The Hollywood Reporter doesn't give a definite reason for this halt in production on World War Z 2.

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The original World War Z movie, which was based on Max Brooks zombie survival guide of the same name, was faced with quite a few problems of its own during production. And it underwent quite a few reshoots before hitting theaters. Paramount thought it had a bomb on its hands, but the thriller fared well enough at the box office to warrant a sequel. It brought in $540 million worldwide.

Now it sounds like similar problems are plaguing the upcoming sequel. Paramount Pictures and Skydance Entertainment originally had the movie scheduled to land on June 9, 2017. That's just five months away. So, it's not too surprising as the movie hasn't begun shooting yet.

No new release date has been announced by Paramount. The movie is now stuck in development limbo. Thought there is a little bit of shinning light peeking through, as some studio insiders claim the movie will be re-prepped and shot in time for a 2018 or 2019 release date.

The 2017 release date was announced for the sequel shortly after World War Z hit theaters in 2013. In 2016, director J.A. Bayona bailed on the project, later being confirmed for Jurassic World 2. In August of 2016, it was rumored that David Fincher, who worked with Brad Pitt on Se7en and Fight Club, was wanted as a director. At this time, there is still no word on who will direct World War Z 2.

There was simply no way World War Z 2 was ever going to meet its summer 2017 release date. Brad Pitt is still confirmed to star as Gerry Lane, but no story details have ever been revealed. If World War Z 2 had of stayed in place, it would have opened against the very similarly themed The Mummy, a remake that is set to kick off Universal's shared Monsters Universe.