We haven't heard much about Paramount Pictures' World War Z project, an adaptation of Max Brooks' novel. It seems that the project could collapse indefinitely unless another financier is found.

World War Z is currently budgeted at $125 million and the studio has reportedly reached out to producer/financier David Ellison to front part of the budget. Brad Pitt will star and produce with Marc Forster still attached to direct World War Z from an adapted script by Matthew Michael Carnahan. Here's what Paramount Film Group President Adam Goodman had to say about World War Z.

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"We're really committed to making a big, kick-ass giant movie with Marc Forster and Brad Pitt."

However, when asked if Paramount would ditch the project if another financier could not be found, Adam Goodman would not comment further.

Max Brooks' World War Z novel chronicles a zombie outbreak that spirals into a worldwide epidemic. The book features testimonials from the survivors as they fight to stay alive.