Spanish filmmaker Juan Antonio Bayona has signed on to direct World War Z 2 for Paramount Pictures and producer/star Brad Pitt.

The news comes just over two months after World War Z director Marc Forster backed away from the sequel, for unknown reasons. Brad Pitt is reprising his role as U.N. employee Gerry Lane from the summer blockbuster, which took in over $200 million domestically and more than $540 million worldwide. No writers are attached to the sequel yet, although Juan Antonio Bayona, will supervise the writing process. The director was on a very short list of contenders just a few weeks back before landing the job.

It's also worth noting that writer Sergio G. Sánchez has written both of Juan Antonio Bayona's films, The Orphanage and last year's The Impossible. Whether or not he'll work on the script for this sequel is unclear at this point.

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The original World War Z followed Gerry Lane around the world as he and a small team desperately search for a cure to the undead epidemic that has spread throughout the world. Ironically, the original ending of World War Z was more sequel-friendly, with Gerry Lane trying to make his way through a zombie horde in America to get back to his wife (Mireille Enos) and children, who he left with a steely military officer.

That ending was eventually scrapped in favor of a "happier" ending, where a cure for the undead epidemic was found, and Lane reunited with his family. It isn't clear yet if Mireille Enos or any other World War Z stars will be back for the follow-up.