Halloween is finally upon us, and a lot of you have been holding down your own horror movie marathons. We're sure you've included the classics, but not many of them actually take place on All Hallow's Eve. And the ones that do? Well, quite a few are not very good. John Carpenter's 1978 Halloween is of course a classic. 2009's Trick 'r Treat is a new perennial favorite that grows its cult base every year. And you simply can't go wrong with The Nightmare Before Christmas between now and New Year's Eve. But you may want to seek out new and interesting films that revolve around this terrifying treat-filled holiday. The following list of movies is not for you! This is a warning: Do not invite your friends over for the following 13 fright flicks, as they are the worst Halloween movies of all-time. That said, they are not without their merits. Sometimes a movie is so bad, it's good. We have a few of those on the list. Some are just unwatchable on any type of level. And should not be attempted by even the most fool hearty horror aficionado. Without further ado, here are the Halloween-themed movies you should just forget exist. You'll thank us for it!

1 Halloween: Resurrection

Halloween: Resurrection

Tagline: Evil finds it's way home.

Release Date: July 19, 2002

The Killer: Slaher Michael Myers.

Why it's the WORST: Some might argue that we could sit here and fill up this list with Halloween sequels and remakes. We won't do that, cause we actually like quite a few of them. But we need to throw one on the list, and this one takes the cake. Halloween: Resurrection comes nearly four years after Jamie Lee Curtis first reprised her role as Michael Myers' sister Laurie Strode. That novelty has certainly worn off, and does this final installment in the franchise (before it was rebooted) no favors. The final two original Halloween movies were a byproduct of the Scream genre of self-referential horror movies, and this one especially tries to appease both old fans and new. That just doesn't work to its favor, especially now, 12 years later, when the film seems incredibly dated. The movie also attempts to cash in on the reality show craze that was booming at the time of its release. Cameras are placed throughout the old childhood home of Mike, and on cue, he shows up to dispatch the contestants. In what may be one of the worst moments in any Halloween movie, Halloween: Resurrection actually contains a scene where Busta Rhymes kung fu kicks Mike out a window. Some may argue, but we're calling this the worst Halloween movie ever made!

What do you think? Do you know of a worse Halloween themed movie then these 13 awful films? Let us know if we missed one so we can check it out as see just how bad it is for ourselves! Thanks for playing, and have a happy Halloween!