Wrath of the Titans is a mediocre sequel to a bad film. The filmmakers could only do better than the cinematic swill that was Clash of the Titans. The 2010 remake was a colossal disappointment, so my expectations were fairly low here. The story and characters are paper thin, but the action scenes and special effects are pretty impressive in Wrath of the Titans. Enough so that the spectacle more than makes up for the paltry script and cardboard acting.

Sam Worthington, sporting a sweet mullet, returns as demigod Perseus; who has been living a quiet life as a fisherman with his young son. He is visited by his father, Zeus (Liam Neeson), who begs his assistance to fight an epic battle. Hades (Ralph Fiennes), Zeus's banished brother, has decided to free their father - Kronos - from his eternal prison in the underworld, Tartarus. Kronos will destroy humanity and take revenge against his sons. Perseus refuses at first, but decides to take action when Kronos's minions attack his village. He flags down Pegasus, grabs his old gal pal Andromeda (now played by Rosamund Pike), and embarks on the mythical quest to defeat Kronos.

The biggest change in the characters is a newfound respect for familial relations. Perseus has now embraced Zeus as his father, who in turn is trying to mend fences with Hades. It's an immortal male bonding session all around. Seemed hokey to me, and the actors, all good ones, realize this as well. There seems to be an implicit understanding that yes, this dialogue is terrible, but we're all having a blast dressing up and fighting. There's no mention of Perseus's human family killed in the first film, but that was two years ago and who can remember that far.

What makes Wrath entertaining is the scale and execution of the fight scenes. Every battle is a feast of monster carnage. Sam Worthington, to his credit, thrives in these effects laden films. He plays the mythic hero versus CGI well. The climactic battle against Kronos is astounding. 3D and IMAX have become a little stale, but a film like this is perfect for these theaters. My seat was literally shaking from the roar of Kronos as he smashes mountains into dust. The effects, sound, and makeup teams did a great job here. They are the unsung heroes, because the action is the lynchpin.

Wrath of the Titans is a testosterone fueled effects romp and proud of it. I think anyone that enjoys a good action film will get their money's worth. It doesn't commit the sin of dragging on, so you're good to go once the action quota is filled. I'm sure we'll see a sequel if it does well; and maybe then they can shore up the script a bit. They obviously have the action part down.

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