Kirstie Alley stars in this tale of aging Hollywood. When screenwriter Byrdie Langdon (Alley) discovers while she has aged, Hollywood has gotten younger, she is fit to be tied. All the studio execs and powers that be have been replaced by younger versions and are looking to supply films for younger demographics. Anything over 30 is old. So, when Byrdie pitches a great script idea to a young woman, she is told she is too old for the business now. Never mind she had an award winning film in the past. What they see these days is a woman over 40!

But Byrdie doesn't get mad. Well, she does. But then she schemes to get even. She enlists the help of her nephew Jason (Eric Christian Olsen) to front for her. He is young, hip, and excited to get into the business. Hey, it sure beats selling cars! So he's anxious to help her. All he has to do is to "sell" her ideas to Hollywood and act as the screenwriter while Byrdie does all the writing. They plan on splitting the profits 70/30. But Jason is inexperienced and manages to get them into quite a few difficult situations. He tries to act like a big shot, Hollywood style, but he doesn't know the ins and outs of the industry and before long he and Byrdie are in deep trouble. It's up to her to find a way to get them out of it, and to let the industry know that the young, hip, new screenwriter that the entire town is talking about is really a hoax. She wants to prove once and for all that age isn't a deterrent when writing a screenplay.

But through it all, Byrdie deals with her impending crashing career, alcoholism, and attraction to a successful novelist who finds her interesting and charming.

Write & Wrong is a cute story and Alley is perfect as the writer who wants to write and sets about on a mission to prove that getting older means getting smarter. Age, in Hollywood, is a big issue. But thanks to Byrdie, she shows the execs that even people over 40 still have what it takes to make it big in the industry. For everyone over 40, this is an inspirational message!

Write & Wrong premiers June 3 on Lifetime Television at 8 PM ET/PT.