After co-writing the screenplays for Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, David S. Goyer moved right on to another superhero franchise with the Superman reboot Man of Steel. The screenwriter revealed in a recent interview that they are trying to maintain the same level of secrecy on this new Superman movie that Christopher Nolan had with his Batman franchise.

"It's something Chris (Nolan) tried hard to do with the Batman films. I'm genuinely pleased with how much secrecy we've been able to maintain. There's so much of the movie that people don't know, that hasn't been touched upon. The trailer's just the tiniest, tiniest tip of the iceberg."

When asked if Man of Steel will have a darker tone like the Batman trilogy, the writer revealed that would have been inappropriate for a Superman movie.

"Relatable and realistic doesn't necessarily mean dark. I think it would be inappropriate for us to approach a Superman film as if we were doing The Dark Knight. The Batman films are a lot more nihilistic; Superman has always been a story about hope."