Writer Marti Noxon told Sci Fi Wire that she's now working on rewriting a script idea sparked by director Sam Raimi and his brother Ivan, who co-wrote Spider-Man 3.

Tentatively titled The Curse, the story includes doctors, monsters, mental patients and a witch, Noxon said in an interview. The film mixes Evil Dead and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, added Noxon, who served as executive producer of Buffy during its final run on UPN.

Noxon is reworking Raimi's idea for the comedy/fantasy/horror project with Peter Cornwell, known for writing and directing the animated short Ward 13, about a hospital from hell. "I think they wanted me because they wanted something that had a bit of comedy, and it has a feel that is in the Buffy vein, so I'm honored to be a part of it," Noxon said. "It's a crazy paranoid fantasy and has a strong female character, and there's a vengeful entity." Noxon added with a laugh: "I get brought in when there are ghosts and monsters."

The project will be produced as under Raimi's genre production company Ghost House Pictures. No production date has yet been set.