We all knew that the WGA strike could be trouble for most of our favorite shows, and we now are having it confirmed. According to an article in The Vancouver Sun which details the economic impact the Writer's Strike will have on the economy of Vancouver, The Bionic Woman is one of the shows which could be shut down if the strike is not resolved quickly:

Bruce Scott, secretary treasurer of the Teamsters Local 155 whose members work in the film and television industry, said between five and six U.S. television shows are going to run out of scripts starting anywhere from the middle of the month to next January. He named The Bionic Woman, Reaper and Men in Trees as three of them.

Tracey Wood, director of industrial and external relations for the B.C. branch of the Canadian Film and Television Production Association, said the television series The Bionic Woman is on the verge of shutting down because it has no stockpiled scripts. The sci-fi series is shooting at Vancouver Film Studios. She estimates this show alone employs about 100 local people.

With less than a dozen episodes shot, a production shutdown could mean that if The Bionic Woman goes off the air, we may never see it return.

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