Elektra:Sci Fi Wire and JoBlo have news that Stu Zicherman and Raven Metzner have been hired to pen the script for Daredevil spin off, Elektra. The duo were reportedly taken on based upon their strong work on another Marvel adaptation, Deathlok for Paramount. Jennifer Garner apparently sparked to their pitch and is onboard.

The story will closely follow Frank Miller's The Elektra Saga that charts the left for dead Elektra's struggles against a group of assassins who trained her, and then subsequently turned upon her. One of the key characters is a martial arts teacher known as Stick, who was actually cut out of Daredevil for time reasons.

Production on Elektra is set to begin mid-2004 to take advantage of Garner's hiatus from TV show, Alias. The Daredevil triumvirate of Mark Steven Johnson, Gary Foster and Marvel's Avi Arad will reunite for production duties. Mark Steven Johnson will not however be returning to the directors chair as he is set to helm yet another Marvel picture, Ghost Rider, but he is expected to return for the Daredevil sequel once Ghost Rider wraps. The hunt for a director will commence once the script is complete.

Jennifer Garner is currently filming the fantasy-comedy 13 Going On 30 about a teenage girl who dreams of being popular. At her birthday party she engages in a particularly humiliating game of "Seven Minutes in the Closet", but then she emerges as Jennifer Garner. No more popularity problem then!