Writing duo Larry Karaszewski and Scott Alexander are in talks to write the live-action big-screen adaptation of the children's horror book series Goosebumps for Columbia Pictures.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, straight-to-video versions of the R.L. Stine book series have been made before, but this project will mark the first feature adaptation of the series and could also become a franchise for Columbia, which acquired the rights in May.

The Goosebumps series -- which comprises more than 50 books that often pay homage to classic sci-fi/horror movies such as Night of the Living Dead and Invasion of the Body Snatchers as well as the twist endings of The Twilight Zone -- have grossed hundreds of millions for Stine and Scholastic, second only to the Harry Potter series. Stine recently published a new 12-book series, "Goosebumps in HorrorLand," and Scholastic plans to launch a video game in the fall.

Moritz has said he likely will cast youngsters for the leads and then include well-known actors in supporting roles, a la the Harry Potter films.

Karaszewski and Alexander are best known for their penmanship on Ed Wood, Man on the Moon and The People vs. Larry Flynt, the latter of which earned them a Golden Globe.

No production date has been set.