The folks over at Bloody Good Horror! recently interviewed Wrong Turn 2: Dead End director Joe Lynch and he talked a little bit about the potential for another Wrong Turn flick.

"We're talking about it now, and obviously the writer's strike is holding it up. I told them that I feel very close to the "family" now. I really do, and it's nice to hear that a lot of people liked where I took the second movie and thought that maybe I would do good with a third one."

He also talked about one particular idea for the sequel he was pumped about.

"There's one idea in particular that I FUCKING LOVE that would answer all the questions that people have had in the past as to why people who survived the previous films didn't say anything, and where are the cops in all of this. So it answers a lot of questions, it opens up the mythology a little more too which I really like. No trilogy should be out there without enriching the backstory. Even if it might piss of some fans, you need that, or you're just slapping a "2" on it and making a carbon copy. So this one idea that's out there that I really like, I've honestly said, if they pick that idea then I'll do it. If you don't see my name attached to the third film, then that means they didn't pick that script."

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