Get ready for another Wrong Turn in October...

In a story from Fangoria, they recently caught up with Wrong Turn 2 Joe Lynch at their Weekend of Horrors in New Jersey.

Apparently the release date isn't set but the DVD should be coming out "between October 8 and October 10." Also, "It's not absolutely 100 percent confirmed, just because they're processing it all now, but the unbelievably unrated version of the DVD-I tried to get 'Unbelievably' on there, but it wouldn't fit on the cover-boasts three commentaries: one by the writers, one by me and actors Henry Rollins and Erica Leerhsen and a more technical, very geeky one by myself. There are, I believe, four separate documentaries, and two or three Easter eggs floating around."

In addition to this, Fangoria also managed to chat with David Arquette about the October 23 release of The Tripper.

"It's gonna have a couple of deleted scenes," Arquette states. "A bunch of really cool bloopers, and it'll be unrated, so there will be a couple of extended gore scenes, and there's tons and tons of behind-the-scenes footage."

He also says, "There will be a commentary with me [and actors] Paul Reubens, Thomas Jane and my brother, Richmond Arquette. It's really fun."

The Tripper is a political horror film set in the Redwood Forrest at an outdoor music festival. The story centers around a group of young hippies as they set out on a drug-induced weekend of debauchery. Little do they know, in the woods lurks a crazed madman that is obsessed with Ronald Reagan.