Get ready to head back into the woods, as the upcoming Wrong Turn reboot has begun filming in Ohio. According to Cincinnati reporter Sheila Vilvens on Twitter, film crews are in the village of New Richmond through Sept. 13 for the production of the next installment of the Wrong Turn movie series. In response, another Ohioan claims the crews are also shooting in the town of Felicity. No photos of the production have yet been made available and the particulars of the scenes are currently unclear, but this does suggest the reboot is on track to be released sometime next year.

Created and written by Alan B. McElroy, the first Wrong Turn was released in 2003 with Rob Schmidt in the director's chair. Its cast included Desmond Harrington, Eliza Dushku, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Jeremy Sisto, and Kevin Zegers. The simple horror story follows a group of college students and a medical student stranded in a remote area of West Virginia when their vehicles collide. While looking for help, the young adults are then attacked by a trio of mutant cannibals, dubbed Three Finger, Saw Tooth, and One Eye for visually obvious reasons. While not necessarily breaking new ground as a slasher movie, Wrong Turn certainly has a charm to it and remains one of the most memorable horror flicks of its era.

Based on the financial success and cult following of the original, sequels would be released in 2007 and 2009. Featuring some returning mutants along with new additions to the inbred family, the sequels follow a similar trajectory of the original, depicting the brutal murders of those unlucky enough to get lost in West Virginia. The franchise continued when the next two installments were released in 2011 and 2012, with each serving as prequels to the events of the original movie from 2003. More recently, the movie Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort capped off the series as it currently stands in 2014, featuring a story about the inbred cannibal family looking to extend their bloodline.

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Last year, it was reported that the Wrong Turn franchise was getting a reboot after six movies, effectively starting over. Although he hasn't been involved since the original installment, series creator Alan B. McElroy returned to the franchise to pen the script for the new movie with Mike P. Nelson (The Domestics) directing. It was also reported Charlotte Vega (The Lodgers) will be leading the cast. In the reboot, the story will follow a group of friends hiking the Appalachian Trail where they meet "The Foundation" - a community of people who've lived privately in the mountains for hundreds of years.

The new Wrong Turn will likely premiere in 2020, although it has yet to be given an official release date. Because this new take doesn't seem to include the familiar cannibals from the previous installments, hopefully the new killers will be just as memorable. News of Wrong Turn's filming comes to us from Sheila Vilvens on Twitter.

Jeremy Dick at Movieweb
Jeremy Dick