That's a wrap on the Wrong Turn remake, as the upcoming horror movie has finished shooting in Ohio. Over the weekend, director Mike P. Nelson took to Instagram to let his followers know the movie has completed filming and is now headed into the editing process. Along with a photo of the set with a bloody hand in the foreground, here's what Nelson said in the caption of the image.

"The last three months have been absolutely insane. I can't wait to show you all what we have been creating. Movie #2 blessed me yet again with such an amazing crew and a cast that carried the weight of this beast. Long nights in the woods, moldy caverns, moss covered boulders and skulls was our world for the hasty and dense 26 day shoot. RELATED: Wrong Turn Reboot Cast & Director Take Us Into Backwoods Cannibal Country [Exclusive]

This project was also special as it reunited me with my good friend, DP and collaborator Nick Junkersfeld. Over the last 10 years Nick and I have been creating madness in Minnesota and I cannot wait to show you the madness we have created in Ohio with this one. Now onto the edit!"

The new Wrong Turn movie is a complete reboot of the franchise with no apparent connection to the previous installments of the series. This time, the story will follow a group of friends hiking on the Appalachian Trail, where they are confronted by The Foundation, a group of people who've been living in the mountains for hundreds of years. Further details on the members of The Foundation aren't yet clear, but it seems as if these characters will be very different from the disfigured hillbillies from the previous movies, but likely just as deadly. Because the new movie is written by the same person who wrote the original movie, Alan B. McElroy, it may still maintain the spirit of the first installment even with its all-new story.

Several Wrong Turn casting announcements have also been reported, letting us know who we can expect to see as both the members of The Foundation and their potential victims. Leading the cast is Charlotte Vega (American Assassin), Matthew Modine (Stranger Things), and Emma Dumont (The Magicians). Joining them in the ensemble cast, presumably as the killers given their nicknames, are Damian Maffei (The Strangers: Prey at Night) as Deer Skull, Bill Sage (Orange Is the New Black) as Ram Skull, and David Hutchison (Escape the Night) as Wild Boar Skull. Chances are, the way they look will somehow relate to their peculiar aliases.

The Wrong Turn series is one of the more popular slasher franchises of the modern era. Directed by Rob Schmidt, the first installment was released in 2003 with Eliza Dushku and Desmond Harrington in starring roles. The movie spawned a long-running franchise with five sequels to follow in the coming years, and while the particular group of potential victims would change with each installment, the same family of backwoods cannibals would always be there to wreak havoc on anyone unlucky enough to take a wrong turn into their woods. After six movies, it was apparent there wasn't really anyplace else to go with the franchise, leading to the creative decision to reboot it from scratch for this next entry.

There's no official release date yet set for the Wrong Turn remake, though it's expected to be released sometime in 2020. As the movie heads into post-production, we may be getting some new updates on the project and a tentative release window in the near future. If it turns out as well as the original, chances are it will bring about just as many sequels. News of the movie wrapping comes to us from Mike P. Nelson on Instagram.